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Easy Italian Shrimp

Hello! I know I haven't posted since last week and I apologize, I had a very trying week as we started a new routine for my pregnancy. I had been supplementing with progesterone because it's always been low due to my PCOS but what I was using was not working properly so we had to start injections :( Progesterone is crucial in supporting a pregnancy so it's something that we monitor closely to try and avoid anymore losses. After the first injection the rapid increase in hormones gave me a terrible migraine for 3 days straight and I could hardly stand to look at my computer let alone work through the fatigue that accompanied it. But I seem to be well adjusted now and I am ready to rock!

Per usual Monday's are my busiest days, I needed something quick and easy and this hit the spot! Start by thinly slicing a lemon and laying it out on a foil lined baking sheet. Next cut up one stick of butter and scatter that on the pan. Finally, top with your uncooked shrimp. I chose to peel mine before cooking and I would suggest the same so you really get the flavor on the shrimp.

Next sprinkle with seasoning of choice but I used this Italian Zest from Flavor Gods seasonings along with some pink salt. This is amazing as are all of their other seasonings. If you've never checked them out, do it! You won't regret it. If you don't have this I would suggest pink salt, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder.

Next bake your shrimp at 350 for 15 minutes.

The finished product - I told you this was easy!

I served ours with steamed broccoli and sauteed mushrooms - so good! Enjoy :)

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